National Marine Park of Zakynthos Workshop on “Marine Pollution: Monitoring Systems and Treatment”

| 10 Agosto 2012



The Management Agency of National Marine Park of Zakynthos (NMPZ) organized a Scientific Environmental Workshop on “Marine Pollution: Monitoring Systems and Treatment” which held on Monday 30th July 2012, at the Cultural Centre of Zakynthos. The Workshop began at 9:45 a.m. and concluded at 15:00 p.m. Afterwards, the guests were guided in the marine protected area of the NMPZ.

The Workshop held in the framework of NMPZ participation (as one of the Scientific Partners) in the FP7 – European Union funded Project: ARGOMARINE “Automatic Oil-Spill Recognition and Geopositioning integrated in a Marine Monitoring Network” which aims to develop an Integrated System for Marine Traffic Monitoring and Marine Pollution Early Warning, particularly for environmental- sensitive sea areas.

After the 1st successful Workshop on “ARGOMARINE: A New Oil Spill Early Warning System” which was organized by NMPZ on 15th December 2011 on Zakynthos island among the Scientific Partners of the ARGOMARINE Project and representatives from the competent Local Services of the island, NMPZ proceeded to the organization of a 2nd Workshop open to the public.

In the framework of this Workshop were invited to speak ten specialized scientists from:

  •  Academic Institutes (National Technical University of Athens, University of the Aegean, Technological Educational Institute of Ionian Islands)
  • Research Institutes (Hellenic Centre for Marine Research)
  • National Policy Authorities (Hellenic Ministry of Mercantile Marine, MarineEnvironment Protection Directorate)
  • Marine Remediation Companies (Environmental Protection Engineering S.A.),as well as the
  • Management Agency of National Marine Park of Zakynthos.For the Workshop were invited and informed about the project High Level Policy Makers (e.g. Greece’s European Commissioner for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Hellenic Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change and many others) and among the attendants were representatives from Local and Regional Authorities, Environmental Organizations and NGOs, Academic and Research Institutes, University Students and other Stakeholders.Some of the goals achieved through this Workshop were:
  • Raising public awareness and participation on marine and coastal pollution and protection issues (also, the information material, which was distributed to the attendants, contributes to the achievement of this goal).
  • The involvement of the different user communities (administrators, environmental agencies, patrolling personnel, coast guards, citizens, tourists, etc.)
  • The establishment of a platform for discussion end-user needs, contribution to the effective coordination of required actions and operational activities forefficient crisis support management against marine pollution, post-accident monitoring and remediation, protection of marine, coastal and insular environment and submission of proposals.
  • The guarantee of strict connection with national operators in order to perform sea safeguard in marine protected areas.
  • The establishment of a close cooperation with potential end-users, scientific community and environmental organizations.
  • The wide diffusion and distribution of knowledge and information related to the project and produced technologies (also, the information material, which was distributed to the attendants, contributes to the achievement of this goal).
  • One of the sections of the workshop was dedicated to the connection of the ARGOMARINE system with other maritime monitoring and forecasting systems and technologies (e.g. TOSCA technologies, POSEIDON system) and the understanding of the required steps for the efficient use of such systems and technologies.
  • The large local media impact through the local media coverage of the whole Workshop, the press conferences, the press releases, the published newspapers articles dedicated to the Workshop and the achievements of the project and the TV and radio broadcasts.

Consequently, the Workshop can be considered as successfully concluded and the results are surely positive for the local community, the policy makers and the evolution of the project.

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“Marine Pollution: Monitoring Systems and Treatment.” The 2nd workshop pf the National Maritime Park of Zakynthos on ERZ TV – news broadcast – 30.07.2012 (Greek)


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