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The official video clips that illustrate goals and aims of ARGOMARINE Project

ARGOMARINE Project – The Final Project Video

The official final video illustrating objectives, activities ad results of ARGOMARINE Project



ARGOMARINE Project Video Clip (English)

ARGOMARINE Project Video Clip (Italian)

ARGOMARINE Project  | Zakynthos, the turtle island – Video Clip (English)

ARGOMARINE Project – National TV Programs

ARGOMARINE Project @ Geo&Geo | Rai Tre (Italian)

ARGOMARINE Project @ Mediterraneo | Rai Tre (Italian)

Gigliotest 14-15 February 2012

On February 14, 2012 at 9:00, four drifting buoys were deployed by PNAT close to the Costa Concordia accident to test the operational aspects of the buoys and their ability to supply real position in case of oil spill accident, and also to certify the prediction skill of a numerical model realized by CIMA/Ualg.

National and international tvs and radios talk about the experiment:

TG1 – 15.02.2012 (Italian)

TG2 – 15.02.2012 (Italian)

TG3 – 13.02.2012 (Italian) – 13.02.2012 (Italian)


ARGOMARINE on the radio at TELLUS – 25.02.2012 (Italian)

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ARGOMARINE at Class TV – view the video


ARGOMARINE at ERZ Tv – 23.01.2012 (Greek)

The oil spillage mathematical previsional model, developed in ARGOMARINE Project, is running for the Costa Concordia accident. ERZ TV, Potuguese Tv network, presents the project and the mathematical model.

ARGOMARINE at Portuguese TV about Costa Concordia oil spill simulation (Portuguese)

ARGOMARINE at Telegranducato (Italian)

During Costa Concordia emergency, ARGOMARINE run the mathematical model developed by the Algarve University in order to create a simulation of ah hypothetical oilspill.
Michele Cocco (National Park of Tuscan Archipelago) and Ovidio Salvetti (CNR – Pisa) interviewed by Telegranducato TV.

ARGOMARINE Project on national Tv and Radios

ARGOMARINE at LINEA BLU, RAI 1, Italian National TV Channel (Italian)

ARGOMARINE Project at National Italian Radio EcoRadio – May, 2010 (Italian)

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An overview about Argomarine Project at National Italian Radio

ARGOMARINE at Rai 3 – Leonardo, a National Scientific Program (Italian)

The ARGOMARINE technologies are one of the main topic of Leonardo program, a Rai 3 TV Scientific Program.


ARGOMARINE kick off meeting-Portoferraio (Italian)

Kick off Meeting of the ARGOMARINE project, held in Portoferraio, Italy, September 22th, 2009. Broadcast by Italian RAI 3 Network

ARGOMARINE start up-Portoferraio (Italian)

Start up of the ARGOMARINE project. Broadcast by Italian RAI3 Network, September 2009

ARGOMARINE Project 3rd meeting La Spezia – 06.05.2011

ARGOMARINE at National Radio GR19 – 06.05.2011 (Italian)

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Stefano Fioravanti (NURC) interview about ARGOMARINE Project and the 3rd meeting at La Spezia

ARGOMARINE 2nd Meeting, Faro-Portugal(Portuguese)

ARGOMARINE Project at Portuguese National Radio (Portuguese)

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Prof. Flavio Martins (University of Algarve) interview about ARGOMARINE Project and oil spillage simulations

ARGOMARINE at BIOSFERA, Portuguese TV Network (Portuguese)

ARGOMARINE on the Portugues TV | Mar Portugues (Portuguese)

The University of Algarve (Joao Janeiro and Flavio Martins) presents at the Portuguese TV RTP1 the mathematical oil spillage previsional model.

Maritime accident at Barra Faro Olhao and oil spillage simulation (Portuguese)

On January 17th, 2011, a fishing boat sunk close to Faro (Algarve) – Portugal. The CIMA (Centro de Investigação Marinha e Ambiental)-Universidade do Algarve has simulated the effect of a possible oil spillage in consequence of the accident by using the ARGOMARINE’s oil slick fate modeling tools.

Argomarine at Ε.Ρ.Ζ. TV. channel – news broadcast (Greek)

Mary Mavropoulou (Marine National Park of Zakynthos) makes a complete overview af the ARGOMARINE Project at E.P.Z. Tv channel.

Mary Mavropoulou Interview to ERZ TV. – news broadcast – 15.12.2011 (Greek)

Mary Mavropoulou (Marine National Park of Zakynthos) interviewed by E.P.Z. Tv channel about ARGOMARINE Project and Zakynthos meeting (December 2011)


“Marine Pollution: Monitoring Systems and Treatment.” The 2nd workshop pf the National Maritime Park of Zakynthos on ERZ TV – news broadcast – 30.07.2012 (Greek)

The Workshop “Marine Pollution: Monitoring Systems and Treatment” held in the framework of NMPZ participation (as one of the Scientific Partners) in the FP7 – European Union funded Project: ARGOMARINE “Automatic Oil-Spill Recognition and Geopositioning integrated in a Marine Monitoring Network” which aims to develop an Integrated System for Marine Traffic Monitoring and Marine Pollution Early Warning, particularly for environmental- sensitive sea areas.
In the video the inerviews to D. Koutsoumbas – President of NMPZ, M. Karidis – Professor of Aegean University, G. Triantafyllou – Research Director of the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research (HCMR) from the local media channel “ERZ T.V.”