Centro de Investigação Marinha e Ambiental – Universidade do Algarve – CIMA-UALG (PORTUGAL)


CIMA was created in 1998 and integrates scientists from several areas of science & technology of the University of Algarve and other institutions. Its activity embraces advanced training at MSc and PhD level, development of research projects and supplying analytical and consulting services to the community. This activity is carried out in the installations of the Faculty of Marine & Environmental Science (FCMA) of the University of the Algarve and at the CIACOMAR facility, Olhão.

CIMA is organized in five thematic groups (TG):

  1. Sedimentary Dynamics
  2. Biogeochemical Cycles & Natural and Anthropogenic Changes to the Environment
  3. The Structure of the Earths Crust
  4. Dynamics and Energy Transfers in the Oceans
  5. Technologies in Environmental Rehabilitation

The Project will be conducted under the TG4 group. Its main activities are centred in the study of the interactions and the transfer of mass and energy between the atmosphere and the coastal ocean, the patterns of coastal circulation and hydrography, controlling the distribution of mesoscale anomalies, the availability of nutrients and the fate of biogeochemical substances as well as pollutants. Two different approaches are used in this group: Direct and remote observation and interpretation of mesoscale phenomena that occur in the Coast and Transition Zone, and through the numerical modelling of these phenomena. In this respect the group has contributed actively for the development of the MOHID water modelling system and have used it in different applications.