100 technological eyes arrive on Elba to monitor the health of the water of the Tuscan Archipelago

| 28 Maggio 2012

From May 28 to June 1, ARGOMARINE project and the research institutes coming from five different states, will be in Elba Island to monitor the sea of Tuscan Archipelago.

Portoferraio, National Park of Tuscan Archipelago – After the tragic events of the Costa Concordia and Toxic bins in the Gorgona area, the National Park of Tuscan Archipelago will host for five days the technical team of ARGOMARINE, the scientific project funded by the European Union and coordinated by the Park, aimed to develop technologies for pollution control and marine traffic in the Mediterranean basin.

During the 28th, 29th and 30th of May, the Park Headquarters and the sea of the Tuscan Archipelago will become a large scientific laboratory where cutting edge technology, developed by the project partners, will transmit information on the health of the waters to the central processing data software installed in the “Arsena hall”.
Here, in fact, will be installed the MIS (Marine Information System), the central system which gathers together information from sources such as satellites, optical sensors, electronic noses, sensory buoys, autonomous underwater vehicles and geolocation systems, integrates each other and hence generates predictive models to assist authorities in dealing with any problems or emergencies.

The project partners, among which the National Technical University of Athens, the CNR of Pisa, the Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center, the Centro de Investigação Marinha Ambiental and the University of Algarve, the National Marine Park of Zakynthos, the Joint Research Centre and the NATO Underwater Research Centre, will share their experiences and their advanced technologies to develop the MIS and to permit a correct “reading” of the signals that the sea is sending us.

It is possible to follow every step of the experiment through the Twitter channel @ARGOMARINE_EU where scientific data, photographs and video of the three days of experiment will be published in real time. It is possible, also, to contact the team for questions and comments.

ARGOMARINE is one of the first scientific projects financed by the European Union to give everyone the opportunity to watch and participate in the team work thanks to Social Networks and because of its innovative activity has been awarded the Euro-Mediterranean Award 2012.

 Researchers and their technological instruments in Elbatest


Michele Cocco, coordinator of the Project and the state of the art

Pol Kolokoussis explains the role of the National Technical University of Athens in the ARGOMARINE project

Mary Mavroupolou shows the National Marine Park of Zakynthos tasks in ARGOMARINE project

Joao Janeiro explains the mathematical model of the University of Algarve developed in the ARGOMARINE Project

Alessandro Tonacci, CNR, show the e-nose on the Folegar

Gabriele Pieri from ISTI-CNR unveils some secrets of the Marine Information System

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